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The 2018 Year over - as many of my peer group are heard to say, "where did the time go?" In actuality it passed just as slowly or quickly as it had in 2017 but what had to be accomplished in a day increased time useage.

JCM has called ourselves a Just In Time (JIT) manufactuerer for many, many years - as that has been our service to the water and wastewater industries. But just as time changes our appearance, attitude and viewpoint, it can also change our purpose. Along with providing both simple and complex solutions to pipe fitting needs, JCM provides the "customer service" our industry needs. On a daily basis our JCM Customer Service/Inside Sales, Engineered and Technical Sales  & Outside Sales Teams not only provide our JCM specific product application information - along with other needed materials including: pipe data, freight shipping timeframes, competitive product comparisons, specification submittals and so many other things that may seem small, but to our customer - are huge. They turn to JCM to answer their questions and assistance. And we enjoy doing that for them. Each question our technicians are challenged with gives them and JCM and opportunity to grow - and we continue to do so.

Our service group is dedicated to exactly that - customer service. We value our customers and feel they are our friends - and many of them are truly that.

We are here for you. Give us a call.

JCM - Fittings Delivered When You Need Them.

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Ron Collins, President JCM Industries, Inc.


CEO'S Message


By John Collins, JCM Industries, Inc.

Pipe breaks and capacity limits that have become inadequate are two very common problems that face our water systems.  The problem of multigenerational system upgrades and expansions that have occurred for the last 60-plus years has increased the breadth of solutions needed now more than ever in the more than 160,000 public and private water systems in the U.S.

These systems have clay, asbestos cement, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete steel cylinder, HDPE, fiberglass, and a variety of steel and PVC pipe throughout their networks.  While out of sight to the general population, they are critical for modern life.

The people responsible for these systems are being challenged on both the proactive and reactive sides of maintaining their system's integrity and reliability.  They must do this while navigating complex and changing rules, regulations, codes, mandates, and laws.  There are budget and resource limitations and restrictions that create their own variables in the form of a finite amount of dollars, hours, equipment, and people that are available to prevent disasters and respond to failures.

Such a daunting task would seem nearly impossible to deal with day in and day out to the people enlisted to ensure uninterrupted service to the hundreds of millions of residents and customers of these systems.  But they accept the challenge because they know that what the American Water Works Association has been saying for decades is and always will be true: "Water is Life."

So how do these water professionals deal with the seemingly countless challenges and variables of this massive industry?  How can they know everything they need to know day in and day out, so they have all the answers they need?  The simple answer is, they can't.  No school or training program can provide all the necessary knowledge needed to do everything that needs to be done. And while experience is the greatest teacher, after more than 26 years in this industry I have never met a superintendent, engineer, sales professional, technician, or industry executive who can answer all the questions and navigate all the obstacles.  And since the target is always moving because of new variables, regulations, and requirements, there never will be one.

The answers, however, do exist:

There are professional organizations and associations designed to meet these needs and fill the knowledge void.  The groups even have subgroups and specialty committees.

There are companies that only concentrate on one specific area, whose singular purpose is to solve one problem.

There are engineers who have spent their entire careers focusing on one discipline.  Some of these people have literally written the books that are referenced when addressing problems.

But the common thread that the water systems, manufacturing companies, contractors, subcontractors, government officials and regulators, nonprofit associations, and standard committees share is people.  These people not only have questions, but are able to supply the answers.

The overall responsibility that all members of the water industry share is providing safe drinking water to the population.  It is too big of a job for any one agency, company, or government.  To meet the growing needs of the population, we must share our knowledge.  As a manufacturer, I have competitors who desire to sell to the same entities that I do.  But I know that the integrity that this industry requires ensures me that we are all following the same rules.

I also know that manufacturers are not just about selling a product today.  There is a wealth of knowledge throughout the different companies that comprise this industry that we are willing to share for the sake of providing solutions to water systems in need.

The greatest compliment I can give to a competitor is: "My company can't do what you need, but I know who can."  I have said it and it has been said about my company as well.

Growing a network of information resources is essential to the success of design engineers and system managers alike.  Do not shy away from the opportunity to engage with a manufacturer.  The manufacturers in this industry want to earn your trust as much as your business.  Many of our companies are more than decades old with a century or more heritage to protect.  While each of us may have narrow fields of expertise, the knowledge available from us is deep and proven.

In the end, we are all members of the same group that relies on the systems that we service.


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John Collins, CEO JCM Industries, Inc.

What Makes us Different

About Us - JCM Overhead

JCM Industries was incorporated in 1976 in Nash, Texas. As a leading fitting manufacturer, JCM recognized that the piping industry had two demands from a fitting manufacturer. First, a quality product designed to work efficiently and economically. Secondly, a product delivered when needed. JCM built its business on these two simple, yet vital foundations and continues to provide exceptional products with unsurpassed service.

JCM employees take personal pride in production and delivery efforts and are committed to a high standard of excellence for customer service. These commitments are carried throughout our organization daily from answering the first call to shipping the last product out the door.

Located to Serve You

Central location in the Northeast corner of Texas enables both common and chartered carrier to provide fast delivery to all areas of the US, Canada, Mexico, and all ports of export for international destinations. For emergency status orders, JCM has access to several local hotshot, air express and air cargo services.

Unique Piping Solutions

JCM has the most contemporary design features for today's repairs of yesterday's piping materials. Special application characteristics encountered on new piping material require versatile and reliable products delivered on an "as-need" basis.

JCM participates and supports all aspects of the water and wastewater industries through our many Association Memberships. As a manufacturer, JCM Industries products comply and exceed the recommended minimum standards of organizations that address our product line. JCM Industries plays an instrumental role in several industries and provides product application assistance for a variety of piping issues.