JCM is a leading manufacturer of pipe fittings and fabrications for the repair, connection and branching of all types of pipe.

As a manufacturer, JCM Industries meets or exceeds recommended standards of organizations that affect our product line.

  • Repair Fittings

    JCM repair fitting selection includes a wide variety of product designs whose common core purpose is to return damaged piping systems to their original service capacity and lifetime expectation. Products are available to accommodate small diameter lines up through large diameter transmission mains. Emergency service is our profession – JCM welcomes all opportunities to provide the solution to the problem - low pressure, high pressure, large diameter and exotic pipe contours. The JCM Sales Team is technically trained to consult with the project manager to provide the best fitting solution for the pipeline repair.


  • Connection Fittings

    JCM connection fittings provide the remedy to pipe joining problems - couplings, dismantling joints, flanged adapters, expansion joints and end caps for all types of pipe are available. Connections between different types of pipe within the same nominal size are simple and quick with JCM bolted couplings and flanged adapters provide a means of inserting valves and equipment. JCM provides custom designs and optional materials to furnish the exact fitting for your system connection needs.


  • Branching Fittings

    JCM Service Saddles provide a quick dependable means of tapping pipe for branch and service connections. Use of service saddles eliminate problems common to direct taps, such as leaking threads of split pipe and they reinforce the critical connection. JCM Service Saddles are designed for maximum safety and performance with wrap around design, wide skirt and wide straps to support and reinforce the pipe while providing excellent stability to the saddle.

    JCM Tapping Sleeves place design emphasis on eliminating problems inherent with older pipe and field installations. These fabricated tapping sleeves have taken the complexity out of tapping larger pipe and provide more flexibility and strength than cast sleeves. Ease of installation and assembly speeds the branching/tapping process and prevents system downtown.

    JCM features the right tapping sleeve for your application and incorporates the most current materials available for a lifetime of service.


  • Engineered Fittings

    JCM is the premier manufacturer for non-standard fittings for repair, connection and branching. Common types of pipe that require specialty fittings are included in this category along with the extraordinary and uncommon applications that pose problems such as rare pipe diameters, extensive damage, high pressure and unusual line contents.


  • Tools & Accessories

    JCM wrenches and accessories ensure a trouble free installation for all types of bolted fittings in the piping industry. JCM Master Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Deep Well Sockets, Hydrant Wrenches and Pipe O. D. Tapes are the right tools for the installation crews.