ProductsBranching Fittings419 - Fab Tap Slv - MJ Outlet

Model #419 Fab Tap Slv - MJ Outlet

DescriptionNew from JCM Fabricated Carbon Steel Tapping Sleeve with TRUE Mechanical Joint Outlet. Durable construction, alignment set pins and "monocast" mechanical joint outlet provides a competitive option for using MJ valves in lieu of tapping valves. Available in shopcoat or epoxy, standard or stainless steel hardware. Sizes 4" and larger up through 12" outlets. As a standard, JCM tapping sleeve (flanged and MJ outlets) bolt patterns are configured for installation of the valve on a horizontal plane with a vertical valve stem position. For applications that require any other valve position, JCM sales team must be notified prior to fitting order to ensure the flange position will accommodate the application.