ProductsBranching Fittings439 - SS Tap Sleeve - MJ Outlet

Model #439 SS Tap Sleeve - MJ Outlet

DescriptionTrue mechanical joint outlet tapping sleeve reduces application costs and inventory by utilizing MJ gate valve in lieu of tapping valve. All stainless steel construction provides corrosion resistance. Unique load bearing set pins transfer load and prevents movement or misalignment during or after the tap. Available in full circumferential gasket style or outlet seal gasket style. As a standard, JCM tapping sleeve (flanged and MJ outlets) bolt patterns are configured for installation of the valve on a horizontal plane with a vertical valve stem position. For applications that require any other valve position, JCM sales team must be notified prior to fitting order to ensure the flange position will accommodate the application.

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Model #439 - SS Tap Sleeve - MJ Outlet